The blog’s back and so am I

My dear blog went through a little more than what I did. I am glad we both are back. What seemed like a snail’s pace was actually life in the fast track. The turbo effect. I shall be writing more often with R’s growing naughtiness and unlimited cuteness. He belongs to the land of cute […]

Summers are here!

Weather has changed and summers are here. Summers love Dubai. They come and the come with their full intensity. We do not love summers at all!!! No heat is good. I am off to Karachi for 2 months until Tabeers vacations are over. I hope all turns out well.  

Seed of thought

Usually I do not plan such things, it comes instantly. Needless to say I was not very pleased with T’s taking me for granted all the time. I was in the kitchen when T passed by. I was holding R’s hands, helping him take his small steps. Mama: “Ta, what I say I love Raed […]