The mommy

There was a me.

And then I became a mom!

I am the author of this blog. The blog that once had words from my book of life and then my life got hacked by two little devils. This book has now growing up stories of these innocent devils.

It’s a long journey & the book will have chapters of our good days together, the rainny days and the sunshine needed to dry up the rain.

2 thoughts on “The mommy

  1. Sibte

    tabiiyat in dinoN be-gaana-e-Gham hotii jaatii hai
    mere hisse ki goyaa har Khushii kam hotii jaatii hai

    qayaamat kyaa! ye ai husn-e-do-aalam hotii jaatii hai
    ke mehfil to vohii hai, dilkashi kam hotii jaati hai

    vohii mai-Khaana-o-sahbaa, vohi saaghar, vohii shiishaa
    magar aavaaz-e-nushaanosh maddham hotii jaatii hai

    vohii hai shaahid-o-saaqii magar dil bujhtaa jaataa hai
    vohii hai shammaa lekin raushnii kam hotii jaatii hai

    vohii hai zindagii lekin “Jigar” yeh haal hai apnaa
    ke jaise zindagii se zindagii kam hotii jaatii hai


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