R goes to school 

By | September 11, 2015

it’s a big day in my life and a very important one in his. 

R goes to school, first official day at school. My young man, the Apple of my eye. 

 I went to drop them off, waved goodbye, and hoped that he make lots of new friends, learn all sorts of cool stuff, and do it all without getting into too much trouble along the way.

When I came back home, it seemed so empty. Nobody to tug along with me. No boo’s and no “MAMA”. I missed those messy little hands and that warm mommy hug. 

I’ve cooked a special meal for the kids and just cant wait to pick them up. I wish for R a very successful journey ahead. He’s a piece of my heart. 

I love you my little boy, everyday of my life. 

P.s: this post is meant for R only, as it was his first day at school though he went with T. And I’m sure together they’ll tango. 

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