Father’s Day- 2014

By | June 15, 2014

Time of the year when kids make their dad feel super heroes…

This reminded me of my dad. My dad is not someone who would say “I love you” very frequently to his kids.
He never brought those words in all those years I’ve spent with him.
But it never ceased him from carrying me on his shoulders, buying me candy, dropping me to my kindergarten(yes that’s a big deal for me !) telling me bedtime stories, cooking me food, bathing me and most of all for being my mom!
My dad stood with me and took me literally everywhere with him when my brother was sick and my mom was attending him.
It’s been ages, but the memories are as fresh as an apple in my mind.
I can still tell where we went, what we ate and what bedtime stories he told me.
My dad is my strength, my mentor..
Every time I see my old man , I hug him a little tighter… I wish to have him around me forever.
And yes, if he was on Facebook I wouldn’t have written a word;-)

2 thoughts on “Father’s Day- 2014

  1. captureuniverse

    Awww…that’s so cute… My dad was my superhero but sadly he was in a rush to fly … :) Though he is not here anymore but I still hug him through my memories and say…Dad I LOVE YOU!


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