Women in this society

By | March 25, 2014

I hardly get to watch TV, specifically drama serials. But since I’m at home I got a chance to watch this Pakistani drama series which has left me thinking of how fake the society is. Not that I’m not familiar to it, but just a reminder of how men treat women, disrespect them and take it as a norm.

I’ve always put my foot down against domestic violence. I’m amazed at how it is anticipated by women.

The hype that is in the word ‘love’! Respect is more important than love.

I feel upset by how and what people have understood from the religion: A beard, a mark on the forehead, a women all covered?

And what hides behind is an everyday story of many.

How you treat others has so much to do to make you what you really are. And trust me everybody knows what they really are.

Woman is not an object to disrespect but to be treated with love and honor.

I think a woman should be strong enough to despise being mistreated. The world  will always talk about you but why care if it cannot stand to protect you.

Don’t have ego but keep your respect. Don’t let your kids watch you being mistreated.

Take a step. Put your foot down. Trust in yourself and your ability to raise children who feel protected.

I despise men who abuse their sisters, mothers and wives because they’re men. And yes I know many of you.


The most coward is one who thinks they can suppress weak by shouting, abusing and beating.

I get the same feeling when I tell my kids to do something or they’ll be beaten by me! I’m glad that I’ve realized in time and have learned the approach of “it will not make me happy and it will not make you a better person” and I’m glad it works.


I’m also glad I’m married to someone who knows how respect. Someone I can talk to about anything and everything as I see it. We might not always agree on everything but I’m sure I’m heard, interpreted and understood.

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