Best mangoes in the world

By | July 27, 2011

Summer comes with a feel of hot breeze, blazing sun and long sunny days. Since I live in Middle East, weather here is dry, humid and hot, which reminds me of similar weather I have spent in Pakistan.

When I talk about summers in Pakistan, two things are sure to hit my mind, the two “M’s” mango and the monsoon. The rain and the mangoes are one of the pleasures that nature has gifted Pakistan in the summer season.

Mango, the king of fruit. And I bet when you look at the mangoes from my country Pakistan, you know what it means to be the king of all fruits. And when you eat it you believe it!

Lived all my life abroad, I have tried all sort of mangoes. The ones from Brazil, from Australia, from Thailand & the ones from India. One thing I bet no other mango can beat the sweetness of the fleshy yellow fruit that comes form the land ofPakistan. Those who have an acquired taste for the fruit, will know the difference between Pakistani mangoes and those from rest of the world.

The only thing that has disappointed me all these years is that it has not gained the fame it should have, I know the reason why but to believe it you have to treat your taste buds with the heavenly taste yourself. No matter what part of world you are in I believe you can find mangoes from Pakistan in the market, as Pakistan is one of the biggest exporters of mangoes in the world. (source: wikipedia)

You might find the fruit from the cold storage but the freshest and best variety is produced in the mango season, late April to late August. One of the best and widely available variety to taste is Sindhri.

So go ahead and tickle your taste buds!

7 thoughts on “Best mangoes in the world

  1. Rauf

    Totally agreed. There is no other mangoe that even comes close to the sweetness and aroma of a Pakistani mangoe.

  2. SK

    liked it. some people like summer and wait for this season only for mangoes. i was one of them.
    بڑا اچھا لگتا ہے آپ جیسے لوگوں کے خیالات پڑھنا جن کے لیئے آم جیسی عام سی چیز اتنی اہمیت کی حامل ہے اور زیست میں ایک اور رنگ بھر سکتی ہے۔ ۔۔۔ بالکل اسی طرح جسطرح اس مضمون میں آم کی تصویر نے کالے اور سفید بلاگ میں جان ڈال دی ہے۔

  3. Tariq Masood

    Abolutetly right you are.The king of fruits is mango and the king of mangoes chounsa.
    Chounsa and anver ratol is the best mangoes in the world.

  4. Alex Cawthorne

    Sorry, best mangoes and officially the sweetest in the world is the Mangga Kalabaw (Carabao Mango) of the Philippines. I’ve tried mangoes from all over the Caribbean, Asia and Central America and nothing comes close to those found in the Philippines.


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