Desi food in Dubai

By | August 12, 2008

Chat, gol gappas/pani puri, bhail puri, pakoras, samosay, gola ganda, sugar cane juice, biryani…..

We desis have the most ruined taste buds in the world:) And somehow no matter where we live we somehow find a place to satisfy our stubborn taste-buds:P So this is what I have done over past few weeks. I have discovered places for best Nihari, a chat corner that makes yummy chat, although different that the one we get in Pakistan nevertheless, good!

You can also get yummy gola ganda, same as the one in Dhoraji. And Sugar cane juice too! Although I do-not see many Pakistanis doing this business here, yet you can find many Indians especially Maloo’s into these desi food stuff. Hence you have to put in some effort to get the taste you want.

So any body who wnats to know about such “chatora corners” in Dubai, ask me!

33 thoughts on “Desi food in Dubai

  1. Unaiza Nasim Post author

    bus usi ki kami feel hoti hay! trust me..
    wesay u dont knwo these maloos:P but food inspections are strict in Dubai.

  2. Jamal Shamsi

    try the Haji Ali Outlet Near Lamcy Plaza for all your Slush, Juices and Fruit Cream stuff, and if you want to try some GOOD Sea Food specially Fish, Crabs, Shrimps, Lobesters – Goto Fish Market at Intercon (now Radison SAS Deira Creek) for Lunch in a weekday. Mondays & Wednesdays are Buffet.

    Souk Al-Damascus serves GREAT food which reminds of Burns Road. ON main Muraqabat road behind the Marks & Spencer right at the traffic light of T-Junction when coming from Avari side.

  3. Absar

    Ah I don’t know about Dubai, but there’s this small shop here in Abu Dhabi… indside Madina Zayed Shopping Center. They have stuff shipped over from Pakistan as well! I mean you can order lawrence garden ke gol gappay and they’ll whisk it over on-demand! Pretty awesome I tell you!

  4. olde.tyme.karachite

    It’s been a while since I’ve spent any meaningful time in Dubai. I can honestly say the best Nalli nihari I ever had in my life was at a small thella in Dubai. I would make it a point of asking my dad to take me there whenever I visited. It was without doubt beyond anything I have ever had in my life. OTK

  5. Unaiza Nasim Post author

    @ Dinky Mind: naak katwa di na!
    @Absar: whats lawrence garden?
    @Old.tyme.karachite: directions?
    @Jamal Shamsi: will sure try all someday!

  6. beenish aazam

    i think the best Nihari place in UAE is in abu dhabi’s sahar restaurant….i’ve tried most of the nihari places all around UAE but the one in abu dhabi is the best of them all!!

  7. Jamal Shamsi

    The BEST Nilli Nihari in Dubai is Delhi Nehari close by Naif Road, behind Maktom Masjid.

    @Old.tyme.karachite – I have serious doubts about the Nihari from Thella in Dubai. Define the location.

    THE BEST Biryani in Dubai – is at Liyari Hotel since 1988, it is at Nasir Square when heading towards the busstop from traffic light it is 2nd street on RIGHT. The portion the size of meat the aroma of Biryani, wow.

    UZ try the Sheesh Tawook at any ‘Automatic’, and BEST BBQ is at Souq Al Damascus in Al-Muraqabat.

    Seafood … :) Fish market @ Radison SAS at creek.

    Shetal Samudra in AlGharoud area serves the very symptous n tasty chinese food it is a diversified place to eat veg & non-veg food.

  8. Waqas

    Somebody tell me, in Dubai, where is the best place for Gol Gappay?

  9. Unaiza Nasim Post author

    I like bikranwalla @LULU waqas. It has got some yummy chats and gol gappas.
    however f u r looking for paki style gol gappas they r found seldom in Burdubai.
    here they put bundis instead of chana.
    also try haldirams packed gol gappas available in carrefor in indian food section.

  10. Waqas

    Thanks Ms Nasim! Definitely looking for the paki style 1′s, although i would rather have the channay, but have never tasted it with bundis to be honest lol. Thanks for your help but if you can specific on where in Bur Dubai then please let me know.

  11. enid sequeira

    does anyone have the telephone no. for Liyari hotel where the best biryani is served. Please can you email it to me. we need to order biryanis for Eid party. thanks in advance. best regards. Enid

  12. Usman

    Have been ordering from Biryani Express for several months now. Thought it was an indian joint. Just found out that it’s owned by a paki and an indian. No wonder. The food didnt taste typically indian, which is what i like about it.

  13. Nadeem Mahfooz

    Can some body let me know the location of Briyani Express? Do they have branches in Bur Dubai?

    Thanks & regards

  14. Asma

    Big fan of Biryani Express! As far as I know they don’t have any shops. They only deliver. I keep filling in their comment cards asking them to open some shops bcos i think it will do well. They told me that their biryanis are available in some supermarkets as well. Not sure which ones.

  15. Vishal

    Dumb comments about the Maloos really…..they are known as Malayalis and are an ethnic group/race just like the Pakis……oops :-)

  16. Insha

    Has any one tried the biryani at Emly & Chilly , near lamcy plaza Deira Dubai?
    How is it?

  17. Faisal Imtiaz

    I think Students Biryani is a good place for Biryani, Haleem & Qorma.
    It’s in Karama, opposite day to day centre.

  18. Naim Ahmed

    Try Cafe Aisha in International City. The best biryani i have had in Dubai. If you like the chatpati, properly cooked biryani then you will love this.
    I have had biryani from other places mentioned above, they dont come close to Cafe Aisha’s
    Also their kaba roll is one of the lowest priced in Dubai and yummy.
    Plus they have Peshawari Icecream :)

    I know its a 15 min drive away but its worth it!

  19. Ramiz

    Hi ppl…
    GOod to know these places.. gr8 info thanks and kindly can anyone tell me where can i find gola ganda in Dubai..?? or Abu dhabi…:)

  20. Ahmed Naim

    Try Cafe Aisha, they have Pakistani Gola Ganda in Dubai…cheap as well! and samosa chaat.


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