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Condemning the attack on Raza Rumi

I highly condemn the attack on Raza Rumi and stand in solidarity with him. Everybody has the right to voice their thoughts through whatever channel they can. Sadly the nation we’re evolving into ( have evolved into) believes that bullets are the only solution to everything. Real people talk. Real people stand for their believes. […]

The Pakistani in Pakistan

Ever since I have returned back from Karachi, Pakistan, I have been wondering what is that didn’t make me feel at home. I love (may be loved) Karachi, Pakistan  a lot. The reason might be the same that every person loves the country they belong to but I always reasoned it as the warm hearted people, the […]

Another clown …Pakistan’s new PM

Finally there’s a new clown in the circus! I wonder what will be the future of this country…Many came, many ruled, many robbed and many went… The new PM must secretly be reciting: Mein pal do pal ka PM hoon Pal do pal meri kahani hay Pal dopal meri hukamrani hay Mujh sey pehlay kitney […]

Another year went…

Bidding farewell to the year 2007, I look back and see what has been lost and what has been gained. Looking at the happenings in the country last year, I concluded that this country and the country-men DO NOT  deserve democracy. We are the people who need a hard “Danda” rule. It’s sad to see how the […]

I’m speechless….The words of dead Faiz Ahmed Faiz speak…

ye daag daag ujaalaa, ye shab gaziidaa sahar wo intazaar thaa jis kaa, ye wo sahar to nahin jis ki aarazoo lekar chale the yaar key mil jaayegii kahin na kahin falak ke dasht mein taron ki aaKhari manzil kahin to hogaa shab-e-sust mauj kaa saahil kahin to jaa ke rukegaa safinaa-e-Gam-e-dil jawaan lahuu ki […]