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Condemning the attack on Raza Rumi

I highly condemn the attack on Raza Rumi and stand in solidarity with him. Everybody has the right to voice their thoughts through whatever channel they can. Sadly the nation we’re evolving into ( have evolved into) believes that bullets are the only solution to everything. Real people talk. Real people stand for their believes. […]

For flood relief agencies working in Pakistan

To all those who are doing the relief work for the flood victims in Pakistan: I believe giving them food is not the only solution. For emergency relief, sounds good. In the long run we are creating more problems for our country. We need to provide job oppurtunities to the ones there. We need to teach them […]

Best mangoes in the world

Summer comes with a feel of hot breeze, blazing sun and long sunny days. Since I live in Middle East, weather here is dry, humid and hot, which reminds me of similar weather I have spent in Pakistan. When I talk about summers in Pakistan, two things are sure to hit my mind, the two […]

A post from a hopeless Pakistani:P

We applied for a USA visit visa so that we could take Tabeer to Disney world and meet few of our friends who are there.Sadly, our application got rejected:P Going through all the hassle, the long queues,  checking/ re-checking at every point, checking/rechecking documents and not to forget the long wait I kept wondering if […]

If I were the PM

All private schools would have been taken under government (with the same staff and same salary structure) uniformity and thus no status symbol in education. No house more than 500 yards. Police department privatized. Next thing I know is I will be shot dead:P Seriously something needs to be done in the above mentioned areas.

The Pakistani in Pakistan

Ever since I have returned back from Karachi, Pakistan, I have been wondering what is that didn’t make me feel at home. I love (may be loved) Karachi, Pakistan  a lot. The reason might be the same that every person loves the country they belong to but I always reasoned it as the warm hearted people, the […]