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Condemning the attack on Raza Rumi

I highly condemn the attack on Raza Rumi and stand in solidarity with him. Everybody has the right to voice their thoughts through whatever channel they can. Sadly the nation we’re evolving into ( have evolved into) believes that bullets are the only solution to everything. Real people talk. Real people stand for their believes. […]

The first ones

How many times have you felt to be the first one to break some news? you turn the radio on, heard a sale at some random store is on  and that goes online as your facebook status!  I tell you, this number “one” has a role to play. Remember when being kids, thats what your mom used to say: “be the […]

New year, new start

For last two years I thought my life would never be the same. I was so consistent that I really didn’t try hard to make it something that I wanted. I would not say that two years of my life were wasted, there’s no way I can say that. I experience the miracle of nature, […]

Sadaf…she died

Holding in my hands are your scribblings, your cards, our diary, in my head our memories and in my heart your love.. But you are no more among us.. I know u were aware of how much I loved u and how much I was attached to you…that’s y u left me when u knew […]


I call her daily before going to sleep. I love her and hope that she gets the best in life I sometimes dedicate motivating songs to her. Something that would bring her close to life. I want to c her laughing out loud without any pains. I want her eyes to be free of that […]